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Rap Genius And The Problem With The Venture Capital Fueled Growth Hack

Surely this kind of commodity business is not what the Yale-educated founders of RapGenius had in mind when they started out four years ago. Venture capital and growth hacking go hand in hand. Once you have the money you also have the runway within which to spend it. This is where the hacking comes in. If you cant deliver out-size growth commensurate Kim K with your VC valuation, more extreme measures are necessary. That RapGenius got nabbed by soliciting bloggers to place steroidal SEO links relating to the new Justin Bieber album add to the injury. Bieber does not exactly possess street cred in rap circles and meanwhile, yesterday, he announced learn more his retirement in an obvious play for boosting his own visibility relative to his new (and ostensibly last) album. Double ouch! I have been following RapGenius for the past few years and have admired the fact that they have used http://www.namestovo-inak.sk/node/63431 the structure of a lyrics site as an unprecedented armature for urban cultural data.
Full story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2013/12/26/rap-genius-and-the-problem-with-the-venture-capital-fueled-growth-hack/

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