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Mott Students See Music Tech Options With Degree

It was something they were already interested in and it will help them become more well-rounded in visit homepage their future careers. Terrence Smith, 20, of Flushing is double majoring in music and music technology because he felt like it was the perfect match. He was already taking some of the classes before the degree was site web offered, but now he's hoping there will be more options and availability. "I was geeked (when I heard about the degree)," Smith said. "It would go hand and hand (with my music major). If I have something in my head, I can just play it." He's also learning new skills that he wouldn't have learned before taking the classes, Smith said. He now has skills to help in the studio if he needs to and he can create his own home studio. Robert Potrykus, 52, of Columbiaville originally started going to Mott for media arts and entertainment because there wasn't anything offered in music technology.
Full story: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/06/3848440/mott-students-see-music-tech-options.html

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