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2015 Tesla Model X Prototype Seen Testing On Southern California Roads

Reportedly the only complete Model X in existence, the plug-in crossover was spotted about 10 miles from Tesla's design center in Hawthorne. Tesla last showed a Model X at the opening of its Palo Alto store in October. The appearance of a Model X in public indicates that Tesla is preparing to unveil the production model to the public. see page The 2014 Detroit Auto Show is next week, and Tesla has a press conference scheduled for 11:40 am on Tuesday. It's possible the Model X may be revealed then. Tesla first unveiled the Model X in February 2012 at a highly-publicized event at the headquarters of CEO Elon Musk's SpaceX. Since home page then, the all-electric crossover and its nifty "falcon doors" have impressed crowds at auto shows and events around the country.
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