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Kanye West Is A Battery Suspect After 'shaken' Kim Kardashian Was Called A Racial Slur

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe According to a source close to Kardashian, a man called the reality TV star a "n----- lover" and hurled obscenities at her. Kardashian, who was en route to a meeting at that time in Beverly Hills, was left "shaken," the source said. Kanye West Claims Self-Defense in LAX Paparazzi http://stocks.rcrwireless.com/rcrwireless/news/read/25309778/Kim_Kardashian_Facts_Fan_Site_Releases_Information_on_Kim_Kardashian?s_Net_Worth Altercation The source told ABC News that the confrontation began as a young man tried to help Kardashian into the building, Kim Kardashian and called the photographers racial and homophobic slurs. When Kardashian told him that language was inappropriate, the source said he turned on her. "She was completely disgusted," the source told ABC News. "She came to the external link paparazzi's defense because she couldn't believe what he was saying." A rep for West has not responded to a request for comment, while a rep for Kardashian had no comment about the incident.
Source http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/kanye-west-battery-suspect-shaken-kim-kardashian-called/story?id=21519625

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