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Is Bill Murray White? An Unscientific Census Of 'saturday Night Live'

18 debut, Zamata brought some diversity to a show whose cast has over the course of 39 seasons been heavily white and mostly male. Just how homogeneous has the show been? I set visit website out to count up past cast members by race, ethnicity and gender. As I found, quantifying that is next to impossible. It's a project that at first blush seems like it shouldn't be that hard. Finding the basic data of who has been on the show and in which season was easy enough: site web NBC pointed me to the SNL Archives , an obsessively detailed online trove of cast members, characters played, and sketches.
More http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/data-mine/2014/01/22/is-bill-murray-white-an-unscientific-census-of-saturday-night-live

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